Our services 

― We actively engage with mind-related scientific institutions in neuroscience research (please contact Dr. Alex Dzyuba for details)

― We help to execute well-being practices in medical centers, as well as other organizations

― We conduct retreats, seminars and well-being consulting (B2B, B2C)

― We provide individual and group classes. Our instructors speak English, Russian and German


Message to the world


At neuroOMyoga© we believe that well-being is fostered through the proper functioning of the mind. Ancient practitioners have been investigating the later for thousands of years, gradually uncovering peculiarities of cognitive, behavioral and emotional domains. As an outcome they've developed a holistic methodology for the fine-tuning of the individual's nervous, digestive and endocrine systems.

In layman terms most of the contemplative disciplines is a set of interconnected techniques - control of microbiota (through diet and cleansing), breathing exercises, mindfulness and gymnastics. Blended together and aided by volitional control these activities not only provide a wide spectrum of brain states driven by structural and functional changes, but rather allow fostering of virtues. Having an opportunity to cultivate personal traits makes individual a happy and very efficient society member in whatever area he/she is working in. 

Given the current nadir state of the global mental health, such contemplative training emerges as a crucial tool for a health-care, educational and corporate business systems. More and more world-renowned organizations offer regular programs to its employees to cultivate healthy work environment, boost productivity and minimize sick-leave related spending. The corresponding economical benefits drive corporate leaders to establish an active “science-capital” interaction kindling such new approaches. This synergy becomes increasingly important for the global stability of the very diverse world we live in today.


*Crucial example of science - capital - society interaction is an ecology sector. We are considering environmental education as an important basis for any well-being system of the future. In this respect the development of the ecology education course is one of the major focuses for us.*

To conclude, we in this project are interested in modern scientific approaches highlighting pathways to well-being. We believe that MRI, EEG, MEG data analysis along with behavioral and physiological experiments should help us to reveal the mechanisms through which well-being practices modulate human brain and consciousness. With the input from business leaders, scientists and practitioners of many traditions our team aims to address these challenges.

We are open to cooperation and believe that the XXI century will bring not only the advanced technology of production and consumption, but rather the technology of advanced personal evolution.



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Dr Alex Dzyuba
Founder neuroOMyoga ©